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Because it’s summer May 30, 2011

Filed under: Recipes — rabbit @ 3:29 pm

And because Memorial Day means beaches, barbecue, and a salute to Bubba.

On a national level, Memorial Day seems to say, Summer’s here!  Like, for real…  On our level, here in Florida (which would be sea level), it says, Another day, another sunburn.  Yeah, we have summer seventy-five percent of the year.  Complete with 95 degree days, one hundred percent humidity, and frizzy hair.  We deal with it.  Lemonade is a good way.  The whole southern U.S. knows this.  But down here, there’s a native gem that makes lemonade even better: key lime.  Not just for pie anymore.  Get yourself a bottle of key lime juice, and just replace up to half the lemon juice with it in whatever lemonade recipe you like.  I won’t blame you if you add some rum, too.  Cheers, and don’t forget sunblock.

P.S. Sorry I made a reference to Bubba and no mention of shrimp in the post.  C’mon, I don’t eat the little guys.


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