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Peaches, Perfect and Rotten July 19, 2011

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Yes, I have been ignoring you.

No, not really.  I’ve just been wandering in limbo since last week.  Some good stuff, some bad.

I saw a roadkill gator!

And got a job!  (Yessss)  More on that after next week.

And peaches.

Peaches are good stuff.  Ohmagod, I love peaches.  And it’s funny because there was a defining moment for me and peaches that made me love them.  It happened about ten years ago, actually.  Que whack.

I was fourteen and working as a grocery bagger at Winn Dixie.  I hate Winn Dixie.  But anyway, it was summer.  Gross, intense, oppressive South Florida summer.  Bagging groceries was easy.  The sucky part was helping customers to their car in that weather, although since I was (and AM) adorable, I pocketed a lot of tips.  The REALLY sucky part was having to go out and collect carts from the parking lot.  Bleeeegggggh.  Gotta learn the virtue of hard work somewhere.

I was on my break one day and visually sifted through the produce department.  I didn’t always eat fruit on my break; this was back before I became a vegetarian, before I knew that they packaged cancer and heart disease in Lunchables.

But I just felt like something natural and refreshing that afternoon.  Hmm… apples, bananas, oranges… hey, there’s the autistic guy, Gary… watermelon, pears…


I carefully selected the one I wanted.  Had to be tender, but not squishy… had to smell like sunshine and fairy dust…  found it.  So I bought it and went outside in the shade where there was a decent breeze going on.  I bit into it.  And DIED.  Jesusonmelbatoast, it was amazing.  Sooo sweet, with a floral hint, and a bit of tang.   And I don’t know how to describe its juiciness without sounding pornographic, but y’know…  It was the perfect peach.   My life was changed.


Years later I was eating a peach in my art class.  Not as good as the one, but hey.  When I was finished, I held on to the pit, which had apparently broken before I even bit into the peach.  I saw something inside, some other rattling little brown object.  I split the pit open, and discovered something interesting that I had not known before.

Is that an almond in there?

(Sorry for the blurry image, I’ve told you I don’t have a good camera.)

I tried to eat it.  Bad idea.  Tasted like poison.  In fact, it actually contains a small amount of cyanide.  But it is indeed an almond, because almonds are really the seeds of fruits classified as drupes (such as peaches and plums).  The almond in the peach pit is not the kind we usually eat, which would be sweet almonds.  Sweet almonds come from a different fruit.  The almond in a peach pit is a bitter almond, and is used to make extract and oil (once the cyanide is removed, of course).  In short, almonds and peaches are like siblings or something.  I think that’s cool.

I also think this song is awesome.


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