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Chocolate and Pistachios July 28, 2011

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Oh, wow, hey.  How you been?

I’ve been good, just kinda foolin’ around.  Like a boss.

My previously mentioned journey went pretty well.  That hummus made the car ride more bearable.  As did some trail mix and chocolate.  And the hills!  There’s hills in Florida!  Whooooaaa.  And then there was the fried pickles.  Fried pickles and beer.  YES.  Hey, even the rabbit’s gotta have something fried once in a while.

And then when we got back, the boyfriend was all like, “Could you put pistachios in a peanut butter cup?” and I was like, “Shutup, of course you can”.  So he took pictures with his fancy camera while I made his dreams come true.

I started with a cup of pistachios.  Salted or unsalted is up to you.  Mine were salted.  I started chopping them up in the blender, and then added half a cup of powdered sugar.  Looking back, I feel like I should’ve used honey or agave syrup, but it’s all good.  Some more blending, and the gradual addition of a little water, and I had a sweet pistachio butter mix.  (If I had used honey or agave, I probably would not have needed the water.)

Then I rolled them into balls.

If I were doing actual cups a la Reese’s, I would’ve made them flatter, but I decided on balls, so there.

And the dog watched.

Ah, the glimmer of hope.

And then it’s chocolate time.

I melted about a cup of semisweet chocolate with a tablespoon of non-hydrogenated shortening.

The shortening (or butter if you want) keeps the chocolate from getting too crisp once it dries.

Once they’re dipped, place them on wax paper.  I also recommend a second coat of chocolate.  Just drizzle it over when the first layer is almost set.

You can wait a really long time for them to dry at room temperature.

Or you can put them in the freezer for fifteen minutes and eat them right away…

Either way, the dog comes away sad because he can’t have chocolate.


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