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Free the Lobsters! August 5, 2011

Filed under: Random — rabbit @ 12:45 pm

Yay for Buddhists freeing lobsters!

I know the majority of the freed lobsters will probably get captured again, but as the article says, it’s all about karma.

The last time I ate lobster, I definitely felt karma.

It was a few years ago, at one of the fancier seafood restaurants in Miami.  There weren’t really any vegetarian options on the menu, and since I was still in the stage of occasionally indulging in some kind of seafood, I decided, Aw, hell, I’ll have the dang lobster.

And it was delicious.  So were the mashed potatoes.  But that lobster.  Yerm.

Ten minutes after finishing my dinner though, I felt funky.  Feverish.  We were sitting outside, granted, but it was waterfront seating, at night, with a beautiful ocean breeze.  I was the only one who was schvitzy.  And itchy.  I was suddenly itchy around my neck and face.  Then the nausea began to kick in.  Weirdest part was my hands.  They looked normal, but felt swollen.  I went to the bathroom.  No sign of rash, despite the itch.  I looked fine, but between the heat, the itch, the nausea and the swollen feeling… gahh!  I think the lobster was guilt-tripping me.  Well, it worked.

I took an antihistamine and never ate lobster again.



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