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My House Guest August 8, 2011

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Everyone, meet Nesa…

She is my brother’s and (future) sister-in-law’s kitty.  They found her when she was just a couple weeks old, all raggedy and dirty and gross, on North East Second Avenue <– her name is an acronym for the street.  She is also known as Nessie, and according to my brother, Mittens, because he calls all cats Mittens.

Nessie has been staying with me over the weekend while her Mummy and Daddy travel (yet again) to Key West.  This is her third stay with me, and she is still initially terrified of the ceiling fan.  She pretty much refuses to come out, even for food and water.  She will stay in hermit mode for the first 24 hours when she’s over here.  This time I decided to put the food and water under the bed where she was hiding, and finally she ate and drank.

Other than being skittish, Nessie enjoys head and chin scratches; staring at people and things with her gigantic green eyes; playing with her food before eating it; smelling my breath; running around and jumping on and scratching the furniture; waking me up to play all through the night; sleeping by my leg; rubbing against my legs when I’m on the porcelain throne; and as I suspected, peering into the toilet and possibly drinking the water (the one time I forget to put the lid down!).  And although she’s too big and feisty now, she once let me put my mouth over her face.  It was cute.

I think this post is just as good, if not better, than a post about food. ~_~

*Edit: She still lets me put my mouth over her face!  Win!


One Response to “My House Guest”

  1. Allie Says:

    She should have a play date with Sumo :P

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