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Zen Hummus September 5, 2011

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Sometimes, I feel an impending need to make hummus.  If you keep up here, that may come as no surprise.  If it does, you’re missing out.

I think my hummus urges are a sign that I need more beans in my life.

I was looking at my list of hummus ideas, thinking about what crazy flavor I would make.  It had to be quick and easy, because I reeaaallllly needed some hummus. 

Matcha.  Yes.  Matcha would be fun.  I hope you know what matcha is.  If not, it’s a very high grade of powdered Japanese green tea.  Traditionally, it is drank during tea ceremonies, and great care is taken in its preparation.  Nowadays, matcha has a place in mainstream cuisine, being used to flavor noodles, ice cream, cakes, and all sorts of delights.  Maybe you’ve seen Starbucks’ green tea latte and Frappuccino.  But of course, like everything else Starschmucks sells, their matcha powder is loaded with sugar.  I’m pretty sure it’s mostly sugar, actually.  I’m allowed to criticize them because I used to work at one.  I used to work at one because I’m an English major.  I’m an English major because I don’t intend to use my degree.

…And that’s what matcha is all about.  I also remembered a Japanese spice blend that I bought a while ago from The Spice and Tea Exchange.  That means it was expensive.  No, wait, I think I got it as a bonus.  The other thing I bought was expensive.  Anyway, the spice blend is called Togarashi Pepper.  It includes sesame seeds, orange zest, ginger, seaweed, and of course, chili pepper.  After Googling togarashi, I found the blend, in Japan, is known as shichimi togarashi, which means “seven flavor chili pepper”.  Although the recipe can have variations, the ingredients I mentioned are pretty typical.  The blend is often used for soups, noodles, and rice products.  But it’s quite delicious and I believe you can use it in just about anything.  Except your eye.  That would probably hurt.

Pretty, yes?  Pretty and spicy.

You should be able to find shichimi at any Asian or Japanese grocery store.  While you’re there, you may also find matcha powder.  And lots of cute candy packages because that’s how the Japanese roll.

I used 3 teaspoons of shichimi, and 1 teaspoon of matcha.  Matcha’s pretty strong, so be careful if you decide to add more.

If you’re not too good with spicy stuff, use less shichimi.  You won’t be as cool though.

Then you just blend with a can of drained and rinsed chickpeas, a couple tablespoons of tahini, about a third of a cup of lemon juice, a squirt of honey or agave, and salt to taste.  Adjust ingredients to your preferred taste and texture.

How does it taste?  Refreshing.  Zesty.  A lingering sensation of heat.  The matcha is unintrusive, and provides a bit of smooth, herbal undertone.  It makes me happy.  I ate half the batch.  Enjoy with rice crackers next to a koi pond.


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