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Turn a new leaf (and EAT it)

I am sorry to say… September 15, 2011

Filed under: Random — rabbit @ 3:51 pm

First of all, sorry for the lack of update.  I got lethargic… bleeeaaaahhhh.

Second, I am sorry to say that Skittles no longer taste like a rainbow to me.

Until yesterday, I actually had not eaten Skittles for years because they were made with gelatin, which comes from animal bones.  I refuse to eat anything with gelatin.  I know, it’s sad.  No marshmallows for me (although I’ve had some great vegan ones).  Then, while at a friend’s house, I saw on the back of a Skittles bag that they no longer contain gelatin.  Whhaaa?  Cool.  So I took a few.  Of course they’re terrible for you, but just because I like salad for breakfast doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little corn syrup and artificial flavor once in a while!

But my friends, I was disappointed.  I really did only taste corn syrup and fake flavor.  And not very good fake flavor.  My palate has become adjusted to unprocessed foods.

Stupid taste buds, ruining my nostalgia…



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