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Stuffed Avocados: you want them. September 17, 2011

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Would you like something yummy and healthy?  Something that feels kinda indulgent yet nourishing?

Okay, that’s not really a question, that’s a statement.  You would like something yummy and healthy.  You would like something indulgent and nourishing.  Duh.

Get an avocado, and slice it in half.  Scoop out some of the pulp, like so:

Like a little bowl.  It’s cute.

Set the scooped out pulp aside in a small bowl, and using a fork, mash and mix in: about 1/2 teaspoon of agave nectar, and 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.  Then dice one small tomato, and a couple of fresh figs, or three to four dried figs.  Mix those guys, along with about 1/4 cup of garbanzo beans, and a few pinches of sea salt into the mashed up balsamic avocado pulp.  Be gentle.  Sing to it.

Spoon the filling into the avocado bowls, and sprinkle with some extra sea salt and black pepper.

Looks funky.  Tastes awesome.  Makes you feel nice.  I need a better camera.


4 Responses to “Stuffed Avocados: you want them.”

  1. Princess Banana hammock Says:

    When are you going to start charging for this?

  2. […] that was the first time I ever made guacamole!  I know!  I’ve used avocado in soup, hummus, stuffed it, and probably done some other crazy stuff you shouldn’t even know about…. that’s […]

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