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Not too shabby… September 26, 2011

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My wallet is 50% heavier after the farmer’s market.  You like?  I like.  Definitely doing this again.

I sold about half my stuff, which, considering it’s still slow season and it was only my first time, is pretty inspiring.  I gave out samples and received some nice feedback.  Everyone pretty much liked everything!

…except for one kid who wasn’t a fan of the espresso salted chocolate chunk cookie…

I’ll kill him.

Of course, I never said they were classic kid treats.  They’re more of an adult taste.  I’ll still kill him.

What really made me happy though, was the response to the cornmeal shortbread, which I call the “Cowgirl in the Sand” Cookie, based on a Neil Young song (I dunno, it seemed an appropriate name for a cookie with cornmeal, lime and chipotle salt).  I though it might end up being the underdog of the pack, but it actually sold more than the chocolate chunk cookie.  Good for you, Cowgirl in the Sand Cookie (Neil Young rocks, bitches)!  Interestingly, the taste is actually similar to a Froot Loop at first, and then the slightly smokey salt comes in.  It’s too cool for school.  The nuts were also pretty popular.

I’m gonna have a nicer set-up next time.  The rain-dampened table cloth ruined the ingredient labels on the back!  >:{

We’re calling ourselves Salty & Sweety.  It’s cheesy, but cute and catchy.  And it makes sense– he sells salt, I sell sweets (primarily, anyway).  I’m planning to have some different items next time.  I think I’ll keep the Cowgirls in the Sand, but I want to experiment and see what the crowds prefer.  If you have any thoughts or deep desires for a sweet and salty treat, let me know.  I’ll keep you updated on where, when, and what.  You can also check out Sierra’s Sea Salts for such info.  And thanks to Allie and David for visiting!

I must note the most amusing points of the day.  1) People kept asking if I was Sierra of Sierra’s Sea Salts.  Actually, it’s Stuart’s (Salty’s) dog…

I’ll get a better picture next time.  She’s pretty. ^_^

And 2) we saw an old guy whose pants were, no exaggeration, about to fall down.  But then he held them up.

I love farmer’s markets.


2 Responses to “Not too shabby…”

  1. just tried your products…amazing!

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