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So cramped… October 5, 2011

Filed under: Biz Stuff,Random — rabbit @ 2:46 pm

…that I don’t even really have much time for this post.  But here’s a picture of me being super cool at Barry University’s farmer’s market:

And I sold like a mofo.  Booyah.

So between today and next Monday, I’m going to try to: prepare large quantities of three types of cookies (one down, actually); prepare two small batches of gluten-free treats; bake and package the amounts I need for upcoming farmer’s markets; be at two markets this weekend; do other side biz Sunday after the market and on Monday afternoon, as well as prepare for the market on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday; and do it all around my “regular” job.

Yes, I got a “regular” job.  FINALLY.  At a wine cafe in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  As is my quote lately, it ain’t too shabby.  And it’s a regular source of income, which, despite my current frantic state of trying to get things done, is fairly comforting.


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