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I Need a Massage… October 13, 2011

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So I never made it to last weekend’s farmer’s markets.  I got screwed over by my other work schedule.  But that’s okay, because as my fellow locals would know, it rained almost as much as I cry when I watch The Land Before Time.  Which is a lot.

Nonetheless, I was, and am, busy.  Not blow-my-brains-out-busy, but enough to miss out on sleep.  And I will smugly admit, it’s not all due to work-related activities.  Yes, I work hard, but I make sure to reward myself at some point…

I am happy for this change of pace, though.  During the summer there were days I felt despairingly bored and full of fail, due to my lack of employment.  I love Netflix, but I gotta get out.  And getting out means having the money to spare.  Now I hardly have the time and energy to spare (let alone the money).  I often work nights at the cafe, I typically wake up around or before dawn to start getting tasks done whether I work or not, and I have to drive a LOT.  It’s fun.  And boyfriend says my butt has more muscle (win!).  Probably because I’m always standing/running around– at work, at home, at the farmer’s market.  Plus I still do a little exercise in the morning, not just because it feels good, but because I find Allie’s muscular wisdom inspiring.  Makes me feel like movin’.  And if you ever want a job that involves some exercise in and of itself, work in a kitchen.  Be a baker.  Zest and juice lots of limes.  Show the dough who’s boss.  Lift lots of bulk bags and containers.  Trust me.  Of course, if you’re like me, you’re bound to mess up your back and shoulders occasionally.  Cheese-and-rice, it hurts.

Also, when you’re in the grocery store for pumpkin puree, always double check the label to make sure you get pumpkin puree, and not freakin’ pumpkin pie mix!  Gaah!  If it does happen though, make brownies instead.  Everybody likes brownies.


One Response to “I Need a Massage…”

  1. Allie Says:

    Woot! Work that booty! Sitting here in my dark bat cave of a cubicle, I envy your active job. Just remember to bend at the hips and keep your back straight when you lift stuff up :P

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