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Turn a new leaf (and EAT it)

Sleep? Naaah… October 20, 2011

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How long do I have to sit here before I start writing something solid?

There’s so much I want to tell you… But I feel like I can’t, because it’s all still so in-progress.

So here’s the deal.  I’ll tell you the little things that are, and are not, part of the bigger picture, but have stuck in my mind.  To keep you and myself amused.

1) Dip your French or Italian bread in red wine, and then in balsamic vinegar.  Trust me.  And NO, not the other way around.  Please.  You don’t want traces of vinegar in your wine.  And you should show this trick to your server.  He or she might eat it out of your hand.  Or at least, in my case…

2) First, you need to be at a British pub.  A good one.  One that serves the best chips (or “fries” in American English) in town.  Make sure you’re with someone interesting to you, just because it’s more fun that way (well, everything is more fun that way, isn’t it?).  Get an order of chips and a pint of Newcastle, although I’m sure this may work with other beers.  Sprinkling your chips with malt vinegar is optional, but you must dip one in your pint.  If your companion questions you, tell them to report to me.

Okay, I don’t know why I dip starch foods in alcohol.  It just makes sense to me for some reason.  Stop judging.

3) You don’t have to understand someone to feel better after a conversation with that person.

4) If an Italian waiter gives you free espresso, that’s gold.  And if he calls you “bella” (and NO, not like in the Twilight series, but like in  Italian), that’s even better.

5) Being a chef means your kitchen is hardcore clean at the end of your shift, while your sense of humor is at its grimiest.

Keep on truckin’…



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