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Down with Ketchup…? October 25, 2011

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Last night, I wore to bed a sweater, long pants, and socks.  I had two blankets, one of which is Mexican Indian style, so it’s knit super tight and does a good job keeping you warm.  But for the life of me, no matter how many buckets I was sweating, both in reality and in my dreams, I could not. Get. Warm!

Yeah, I caught something.  Something evil.  It made me partially bloaty and partially nauseous.  It made me weak, foggy, and obviously, really freakin’ cold.  You know when people in the movies are all pale and shivery and about to die, and they say, “S-so c-cold… So very, v-very cold…”?

I barely had it in me to talk.  Even text messages were pushing it.  It’s subsiding now.  I have the energy to type this, I’ve been able to eat a bit of soup, thanks to my pops.  I’m not quite so cold.  Must be one of those 24 hour things, because I started to feel the stomach discomfort around this time last night.

Stupid body.  You never get sick and suddenly last night you pull this crap?  This is not a good time to get sick!  You totally threw a wrench in my schedule! >:{

^Me, not happy.^

Anyway, in my daze of internet stumbling this evening I found an article that, more than anything, struck me as cute.  The French are rationing ketchup in schools.  I can’t help but hear a snooty little Frenchman with his nose up say that it’s  to “ensure the French children remain French” (yep, that’s an actual quote).  Granted, it’s not just a national pride thing.  According to the article it has more to do with the junk-food factor of ketchup, as well as other school lunch items- fried and salty foods, overly processed condiments, etc.  These will also be limited, while a more balanced plate will be made over to include fruits, vegetables, and dairy.  The dairy part I kinda disagree with, but because it is France… as we should all know, the French are pretty OCD compared to Americans when it comes to quality of ingredients.  Never have I seen recipes like “Frito Pie” on a French food blog.  After noticing the soaring rates of obesity and other diet-related disease in the states, I imagine the French government just winced and started examining their own public diet.  I mean, how long have American fast food chains been invading Europe?

Good thing they’re being proactive now… God forbid they come asking us for dietary help later ;)

As for American school lunches… maybe it’s just because I don’t really like the holy trinity of American condiments: ketchup, “mayo” and ranch dressing… but I don’t think it would be a bad idea to follow suit.  I remember school lunches.  Lots of rubbery textures, glue-cheese, tator-whats?  You could never seem to get enough ketchup to make up for the lack of flavor.  I think deep down, even the most gullible kids know it’s not food.  I don’t really understand how the government expects little brains to grow on plastic and MSG.  Stewpit Amaireecahns!

Anyway.  I’m still tired and my butt is sweaty.  Later.


2 Responses to “Down with Ketchup…?”

  1. Allie Says:

    Mmmm. Swamp ass.

  2. […] Tomatoes are special.  I think so anyway.  Nobody knows whether to call them fruit or vegetable.  They’re used in a variety of world cuisines.  They’re essential to some of our favorite foods– various sandwiches, pizza, pastas, salsa, chili, curries, barbecue sauce, and I guess I have to say it… ketchup. […]

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