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Here we go again… November 10, 2011

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Since late 2005 I have relocated seven times…

1) From home to the dorms at FIU.

2) Back home from the dorms halfway through the semester (don’t ask).

3) From my childhood house to an apartment in Miami, with my dad and brother.

4) From the apartment to a house, also in Miami.

5) To another house in Miami.  This was the first time I lived in a house with stairs.  It was cool…

6) Back to a one-story house.  This was the last Miami location.

7) Back to my hometown, Fort Lauderdale, since I was done with college and I have a bipolar relationship with Miami.

Move #8 is going to occur this weekend.  Why?

Because the rent is too damn high!

Well, I’m not paying the rent, my dad is.  But that’s the main reason we’re moving this time.  In the past, rent was usually only part of the reason for moving.  I can’t really remember the myriad of motives my dad had for each time we moved.  All I know is I’m a little tired of moving.  But hey, I guess it’s kept me from getting too bored.  I still miss the old house I grew up in.  The worst part was that before we left I had just gotten my room painted olive green and I really liked it…  I’m sure the people who moved in after us wondered what the hell was wrong with me.  Whatevs, I found it very calming.

Moving a lot has also taught me to be flexible.  And to keep your material possessions to a minimum.  And that relationships can be fleeting, flakey, and inconsistent.  Hmm, kinda like me…

Anywho.  In light of yet another move, I’m posting photos of cakes I’ve baked in each apartment/house we’ve lived in since leaving our old place in Fort Lauderdale.  Enjoy…

I called this one “Homemade Prozac”, as I was deliriously depressed at the time.  It kinda worked.

Chocolate, almonds, orange.  And Cointreau.  Yes, please.

This one I made early on in my relationship with Henry.  I imagine he knew I was a keeper.

Sweet Pea & Tomato Cupcakes.  Why, yes, I am crazy.  You can read about them here.

Also in that last Miami house, we threw a surprise party for my brother, Steven.  I made a cake for fifty people!  If I recall correctly, it was white chocolate with a lime filling…  And on top was a Simpson-esque fondant figure in an MRI machine, because Steven had recently landed a job in fixing medical equipment, mostly MRI’s.  And who can resist the decorative Sour Patch candies?  Definitely not my brother.

My best friend Rachel’s birthday cake, made in the house I am currently sitting.

And yes, she really is a poop.

And this one was for Mother’s Day.  Banana, dulce de leche, and chocolate.  I do try sometimes to be a good daughter…

As you can see, I’ve made many a chocolate cake in my day.  Obsessed much?  Yeah.  And believe me, there will be more to come.  Just wait til I get settled in the new kitchen…


3 Responses to “Here we go again…”

  1. Tati Says:

    Cute fondant feet! :D and I’ve heard amazing things about your tomato and sweet pea cupcakes from Drew…

    Also, aren’t you moving AGAIN next year with Henners? :o

    A comment on the moving so often bit, I have a friend who’s family moved twice as much since her childhood. It started after her dad died, her mom couldn’t stand to be living in the same home for more than a year. They said it was her way of dealing with PTSD after the death of her husband. She’s married again and they’ve lived in the same house now since the year we graduated high school. I’m not comparing her mom’s situation to your dad though (I hardly know him!), I’m just making a commentary on different people’s motives. It’s interesting!

    • rabbit Says:

      That had to have been hard for your friend and her mum :( I was fortunate that of all the crazy things that happened in the past five years, my nuclear family is now all well.
      And yes, Henry and I are planning to move in together, but it all depends on the financial situation. We may be delayed even further!

  2. […] as you may recall, we moved a lot after 2005.  We didn’t bother to buy any other decorations.  When you lack […]

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