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Guurrrrrl, Where U Been At?!? April 18, 2012

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What can I say?

Busy.  Lazy.  Busy.  Lazy.

But always cute.  (Thanks to Henry and Instagram.)

On March 31st, my brother, Steven, married his space-glue partner, Tina, after nearly 10 years of dating, Starbucks beverages, and punches.

…in Key West!  Wooot.

But besides excessive drinking, this event brought in some family I hadn’t seen in a while.  Which, in this case, is cool, because I like these particular family members.

For example, cousins Roberto and Angie.  And my adopted sister Rachel is there on the right.  I don’t know who the cardboard lady is.  I also had not realized I was touching her boob until I saw this photo.  Woah.  Lucky.

And I was a bridesmaid.  Mmmmhmm.

Tina! :)


And then the fun began.

Roberto taught Rachel some Salsa moves.  I tried too, but my feet refuse to follow others while dancing.

I’m more of a  do-my-own-thang-and-screw-everyone-else   kind of dancer.

Which can be good.   And scary.

And then I found myself rounding people up in a dance circle with my glo-stick.

And then the DJ played Don’t Stop Believing, and everyone sang along and we had a magical 80’s moment.

And this is me cracked out from dancing while Rachel… did something… behind me…  See the tan line on my shoulder?

It was a fantastical weekend, for sure.

And then it was back to reality.

This is my reality:

Well, part of my reality.

I don’t eat them, I make them.  In addition to scones, muffins, cookies, biscotti, brownies, granola, diabetes, etc, etc.

Since January I’ve been working at a coffee house on the beach.  Initially there was another baker, Heather, and we had to split hours since it’s a new business.  Then Heather suddenly had to move to Jacksonville because her hubby got a job there.  Her last day was right before I came back from Key West, and since then, I’m finally working 5 days a week.  I like Heather.  But… y’know.  The hours…

And anyway, I can also call myself the baker.  I can execute more control, a kind of “ownership” of what comes out of the kitchen.  I’m not exactly into riches, but doing what I like and calling it “work” is pretty luxurious.  It’s also cool that these babies are advertised as  Sylvia’s Cinnamon Buns.  Of course, I do have to credit Alton Brown since it’s based on his doughnut recipe.  Cinnamon buns from doughnut dough?  Yep.  I’ll just leave it at that.  When I come up with a more Rabbit-esque version of the recipe (vegan, maybe with whole wheat…) I’ll relay it to you.

And that’s where I’ve been.


4 Responses to “Guurrrrrl, Where U Been At?!?”

  1. paracusiatic Says:

    *clap clap clap* Bravo rabbit! I look forward to more of your posts, :D

  2. rabbit Says:

    shut up, henry!

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