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Cinco Recap May 7, 2012

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I will tell you this: I behaved.

I even helped!

I made guacamole at Jabel’s party.  Jabel is a fellow Mexican.  Well, I can’t quite say “fellow” Mexican because I’m only half by blood, and American by birth.  But sometimes my beaner spirit comes out.  Apparently, it shows in my guacamole.  Everyone ate that shit up.  And here’s a secret (which is no longer a secret…): that was the first time I ever made guacamole!  I know!  I’ve used avocado in soup, hummus, stuffed it, and probably done some other crazy stuff you shouldn’t even know about…. that’s not true, I’ve been pretty sane with avocados up to this point.  But I’ve never made guacamole until May 5, 2012.  Where’s my diploma?  Oh, right, sitting idly on the dining room wall.  Sorry, English degree.  At least I can spell.

Then there were my spinach and mushroom tamales.  Or, if you wanna be Mexican about it, “tamales de espinaca y hongos.  Con salsa chipotle”.  With chipotle sauce.  There.  That freakin’ sauce, meng.  So yum.  The tamales dried out since I had to make them the day before, but hey, that’s what the sauce was for.  I saw that coming…

Sombrero stacking…  I’ve got a chola/chonga expression on my face.

Now I’m on crack.


If I get/steal more pictures, I’ll post them.  But I would like to note that the highlight of my weekend was a six year old girl calling me and my friend Shawn “sexy”.  Very awkward, and very cute.  Maybe it’s because we randomly sang a Lion King song in front of her.  I vote Little Mermaid next time.

Update:  Yup, stole more pics…

Dude with the ‘stache, Juan, did an awesome Cheech impression.

I have no explanation…

And my favorite:

I feel like Tata and Drew are always trolling us…


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