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I Shouldn’t Have Made This May 14, 2012

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Because now I’m having a mini food coma.

Veg Cobbler, anyone?

I just wanted to use up some extra veggies and basil.

And I wanted to do something I’ve rarely done before (maybe even never?).

So I sauteed some garlic and onion.  Then added a bunch of other stuff– tomato, bell pepper, zucchini, peas.

Fennel seeds, some of the basil, dried hot pepper.

Biscuit dough.

Ugly, ugly biscuit dough.  But yummy.  It has the rest of the basil in there.

You could also call it dumpling dough.  The difference is debatable.

The end result here looks more like biscuits, so that’s what I’m calling them.  I think.

Plop that dough right on top.  Cover, and cook (at a simmer), for 10-15 minutes.


This was just the beginning of my stomach’s rampage.  I ate nearly half the damn thing.

You can do this dish with just about whatever you got.  Other types of summer squash, or winter squash, root vegetables, celery, leafy greens, asparagus, fresh or frozen corn, mushrooms, etc.  I wouldn’t do too many potatoes because that’s a whole lotta starch if you’re gonna have dumplings/biscuits on top.  You can throw in some protein like beans, tempeh or tofu, as well.

Use whatever herbs and spices you feel like.  After sauteing your veggies, add some liquid.  I used a bit of white wine vinegar and a rich vegetable broth.  You could also use sherry, Marsala or white wine, in combination with some broth.  Beer is another fancy-schmancy option.  Coconut milk would do as well, if appropriate with the other flavors (curry cobbler!).  Tomato juice, baby juice, etc.  Towards the end of cooking the veg, I also added a little extra olive oil, to enrich the texture and flavors.  Butter, cream or sour cream, plain yogurt, or grated cheese would be some more decadent additions.

I got the recipe for the biscuit dough from The Post Punk Kitchen (their stew recipe looks awesome, I’ll have to try it some day).  Obviously, I left out the rosemary and subbed my fresh basil.  I liked that this dough is easy, cheap, and versatile (like a good hooker).  But if you have a favorite biscuit or dumpling recipe, go for it.

Just remember: in the end, the cobbler is more powerful than you.


2 Responses to “I Shouldn’t Have Made This”

  1. trialsinfood Says:

    looks and sounds good. maybe i will make this to use up some stuff in my fridge.

  2. But there’s nothing like a food coma :D

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