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Showing Off November 27, 2012

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I made sure our guests knew there was no way in hell that I would cook a turkey.

But no one seemed to mind…

Vegetarian shepherd’s pie with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes.

Caramelized onion stuffing.  Recipe courtesy of Baking Bites.

Sweet potato mash done TWO ways!

One side plain with pecans, the other with mashed beets.

With an option of honeyed goat cheese or homemade marshmallow topping.

Hells yes.

Pretty sure this is the best green bean casserole ever.

Because my green beans are roasted, not steamed.

And look at those wonderful, crispy fried onions, people!


roasted garlic and champagne gravy

cranberry sauce

biscuits, Smitten Kitchen style

and, of course, pie.

Okay.  I’m done.  Bye.


3 Responses to “Showing Off”

  1. :) Says:

    I so need that Sheperds Pie Recipe & marshmallow topping, anddddddd the sweet potato pro favor!! Please say you will post it! I’m combing your site for it!

    • rabbit Says:

      I did not record those recipes, but I shall do my best to recreate them in writing, as well as in edible form!

  2. […] So when someone asks for a recipe, because they so adored the dish when I first served it… […]

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