Guru Rabbit

Turn a new leaf (and EAT it)

Good For Your Eyes June 3, 2011

A growing list of blogs and sites I favor…
6 Bittersweets
Talk about fusion!
101 Cookbooks
Amazing, healthy, original recipes
Baking Bites
When it comes to baking, Nicole’s got it all
Chasing Delicious
Just.  Plain.  Cool.
Cornucopia Institute
For when you want to be a smart consumer and not just a crazed PETA protester
David Lebovitz
My imaginary ex-pat boyfriend (too bad he’s not into girls)
The Discerning Brute
This man can dress (and be ethical about it, too)
Homegirl Allie will get yo’ ass into shape
Globetrotter Diaries
Unique eats from around the world
Green Kitchen Stories
Not just stories, but a beautiful Scandinavian fairy tale ^_^
Journey Kitchen
Eastern adventures in cooking
Joy the Baker
This girl is whack–  in a good way
La Tartine Gourmande
I’m so jealous– just look at the photos
I want to visit their restaurant in Seattle
Post Punk Kitchen
Old-school mofos.  This was one of my first sources of “alternative” cooking when I went veg, and they’re more awesome than ever
Raw food inspiration
Smitten Kitchen
Lots of indulgent goodness, and a cute baby to boot
Another one I envy
Thug Kitchen
Explicitly hilarious lessons on how to eat like a champ
Tree Hugger
All your current hippie information right here
Vanilla Garlic
Garrett’s writing is witty, adorably graceful, and his recipes sumptuous
Vegan Feast Kitchen
Hardcore vegan creations

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