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Le Birthday. Part I August 14, 2011

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Let it be known: my youth is OVER.

I am now a quarter of a century old, steadily picking up speed toward 30, 40, 50, etc.  Tragic.

Yet I still look and feel, physically, like I’m fifteen.  A curse until I’m thirty.  Unless I have children by the time I’m thirty, in which case circumstance and genetics will dictate whether or not I “look” my age.  But at this point, the only kids I want are of the caprine nature…  so that I can one day make my own goat cheese and yogurt.  Would that not be a win?  Yes.

So the night of my actual birthday was a random sort of events.  I had not even anticipated even going out, but Henry (the beau, of course) had just gotten back into town from a Dixie journey, and he is all about good times and seeing to that I have them.  (And that’s a good beau, is it not?)

So off we went, to meet up with:

David and Allie… freaks… (that’s a vodka + tonic by the way)


Hamilton (Matt) and Baxter (Farrah)! (Who drank whiskey and beer, respectively)


You should know that Hamilton and I wear the same size pants.

So the night began at Bougainvillea’s (or Bougie’s) where we endured the quiet outdoor humidity, as well as the air conditioned noisy chatter and reggae delights of Jahfe (my faaavorite local band [so far]).  And because it was reggae night, Red Stripe was on special. Hurray, beer! (but seriously, much love for Red Stripe).

One of the best moments was Allie “demonstrating” a choke hold on David…

…and a random girl asking if everything was alright between them.  Lolz.  Die, Davie, Die.

I gotta say though, Jahfe sounds much better on the outside deck at Tobacco Road.  Or maybe we just didn’t stay long enough.  It was a pretty crowded space and the night needed to move on…


We tried a couple other places (whose names won’t be mentioned [this time]) where the karaoke was beyond  intolerable, and ladies’ night was a bit too much lady goin’ on… (take that as you will, but in general, ladies’ night is always ridiculously crowded, is what I’m sayin’).

So we moved on to Flannigan’s, a restaurant/bar I would pretty much never go to unless I was in severe need of sub-par food and/or booze.  Well… tonight was one of those nights, and we ALL were in search of some sub-par food and booze.  Win…?  I was strategic in what I ordered though: plain tortilla chips with a side of guacamole and pico de gallo.  There was no way I was going to eat “loaded nachos” at 1am.  Plus, I enjoy the challenge of trying to find something at least halfway healthy, and untouched by bacon grease at these types of joints… (though I bet there was a slab of raw bacon sitting on my chips before they were served to me.)

And hey, I got a candle on my pico de gallo!

Thanks for the candle, Baxter!

And actually, that was some pretty good pico de gallo. With some pretty damn good people.  And Newcastle beer?  InDEED!

PLUS, not to be a narcissist, but…



2 Responses to “Le Birthday. Part I”

  1. Allie Says:

    Whenever I choke David out all I hear is, “Go the fuck to sleep.” But yes, good times!

  2. […] worth it. I totally believe that fun and socializing are part of having a healthy lifestyle. It was Miss Guru Rabbit’s birthday, so I got my drink on and I got my munch on. (Check out her post for a re-cap and more pictures.) […]

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